Learn About AED Everywhere, Inc.

Our Mission

The founders of AED Everywhere recognize that too many Americans die each year from cardiac arrest because it takes too long for adequate emergency care to reach the individual.  The technology now exists to turn bystanders into lifesavers.  Our mission is to make affordable, quality and easy-to-use AEDs available in as many public and private locations as possible.  We will also provide the training and services so that the AEDs are easily utilized if and when an emergency arises.

Meet the Team

  • Chuck Malott
  • David Robertson
    VP Sales & Marketing
  • Dr. Leonard R. Zemel M.D.
    Medical Director
  • Larry Smith
    Channel Manager
  • Perri Butler
  • John Denison
    Sales Manager
  • Chelsea Whitehead
    Inside Sales
  • Ken Brown
    Training Manager
  • Roger Nilsson
    Sales Manager
  • Michelle Tipton
    Sales Manager
  • Bob Bowman
    Sales Manager / Trainer
  • Brent Simper
    Sales Manager
  • Gayle Shepard
    Sales Manager
  • Dustin Huber
    Sales Manager