• AEDs Save Lives

    It's about time.  If you are in cardiac arrest someone has less than 10 min to save you. The AED needs to be nearby - not in traffic. 

    AEDs are no longer considered something just used by EMTs but the current standard of care to be available in schools, churches, business offices, public buildings and even homes.  Readily available to help turn bystanders into life savers.

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Welcome to AED Everywhere

AED Everywhere, Inc. has been serving the Rocky Mountain region for over ten years and has expanded to cover customers in all 50 states.

With a diverse customer base, AED Everywhere has developed the resources and experience to maximize the effectiveness of any size deployment of AEDs.  

From full blown PAD programs to AEDs in individual homes - when an AED is needed it will be close by and ready to use.

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AED Everywhere is proud to stand behind these fine companies:

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